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  • Ivory Following the granting of this request and the subsequent beheading, Störtebeker's body arose and walked past eleven of his men before the executioner tripped him with an outstretched foot. The German brewery chose their name as a homage to Störtebeker.
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  • Anton Klaus Störtebeker: Ein Mythos wird entschlüsselt.
  • Ramiro During the following years, Störtebeker and some of his fellow captains the most famous of whom were , and captured ships, irrespective of their origin. The year 1400 also excludes the involvement of Simon of Utrecht and the Brindled Cow , since the records show this ship was not completed until 1401.
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  • Wilson According to legend, when Störtebeker's ship was found, the masts contained a core of gold one of gold, one of silver, and one of copper.
  • Fredrick The Victual Brothers : victualia were originally hired during a war between Denmark and Sweden to fight the Danish and supply the besieged Swedish capital with provisions.
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  • Abe At this time, pirates and other fugitives from the law often adopted a colorful. Due to increasing demand, the brewery constructed a new building along the Greifswalder Chaussee with modern technology, including one of the first mechanical refrigeration units.
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  • Humberto Störtebeker and his crew were captured and brought to Hamburg, where they were tried for piracy. According to some stories, Störtebeker's ship had been disabled by a traitor who cast molten lead into the links of the chain which controlled the ship's rudder.
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  • Rocco For this, he himself was sentenced to death and executed by the youngest member of the senate.
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  • Odis The brewery adopted its present name at the end of 2011; before this, it was known as Stralsunder Brauerei GmbH.
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  • Antone Störtebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH Type Location , : Opened 1827 Annual production volume 180,000 150,000 in 2016 Owned by Nordmann Unternehmensgruppe Employees 145 Website Störtebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH is a brewery in , and is the sole brewery in the city. Für Gruppen ab sechs Personen vereinbaren wir gern individuelle Termine auf Anfrage.
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  • Darrel Parking space at the public parking garage is very limited. However, a tentative reconstruction of Störtebeker's appearance has been made using a skull alleged to be his.
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  • Randall See details for additional description. A bill for digging graves for 30 Victual Brothers dated to this year survives in the Hamburg records.
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  • Mauro This was used to create the tip of.
  • Nigel In May 2010, the brewery purchased two 120,000 liter tanks for the production of Bernstein-Weizen.
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  • Rocky The name is a homage to the German pirate.
  • Eliseo Verschenken Sie ein Genusserlebnis für Bierliebhaber. The Elbphilharmonie is a unique world-class location and the new landmark of Hamburg, which requires an exceptional gastronomic concept.