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Edward Horsea
  • Hugo Browser entry It spits bubbles around itself that make Pokémon Slowed. This two finned design was referenced in Origin Horsea is based on a , though its ability to shoot ink resembles that of a.
  • Wayne She used her in her crafty tricks such as cloaking areas with or leaving ink trails.
Ivan Kotaku
  • Joel Another Horsea appeared during a fantasy that had about the Pokémon that she hoped to see in.
Denis E wie Einall
  • Jerrold In safer environments, it uses its tail to play with other members of its species. Many are laid every year, and the young are raised by the male Horsea rather than the female.
Rodrigo E wie Einall
  • Terrence Pokémon Mystery Dungeon , and Body size: 1 : 8. Ich habe Ideen für einige weitere Storys und möchte gerne hin und wieder mal mehr mit Pokémon machen - allerdings wird das ein sehr unregelmäßiges Unterfangen.
Fredric E wie Einall
  • Galen Pokémon, Konzepte, Welt und einige Figuren gehören natürlich Nintendo und GameFreak.
  • Bernard Its big, developed fins move rapidly, allowing it to swim backward while still facing forward. In , she left it at the for to take care of.
Gale E wie Einall
  • Elliot Und wir begegnen manchen alten und noch älteren Feinden. Diesmal geht es nach Alola, zusammen mit Marcas - einem Arenaleiter, der auf den Tropeninseln meditieren möchte.
  • Rob Horsea feeds on insects and moss gathered from rocks.
Cameron Horsea
  • Bud If attacked by a larger enemy, it quickly swims to safety by adeptly controlling its dorsal fin.
Ernesto Gratis Hörspiele & Hörbücher
  • Mauricio You can syndicate our news using the file or.
Lowell DreamLand Wiki
  • Murray A Horsea appeared in as one of the Pokémon seen at the. A Horsea appeared in as one of the Pokémon seen at a.
  • Domingo It spits ink to escape if it senses danger. Horsea nests in coral reefs and islands throughout the.