Niki lauda birgit wetzinger. Niki Lauda’s wife Birgit, 30 years his junior, saved his life by donating her kidney before they married in seven minute ceremony

Dominick Niki Lauda wife: How Birgit Wetzinger saved Formula 1 star’s life when they started dating
  • Jerrod Source: Marlene Knaus with Niki Lauda after the nearly fatal crash Rumors were that Niki cheated on her with Birgit Wetzinger.
Rory Who Is Niki Lauda’s Wife Birgit Wetzinger?
  • Russell Relationship and marriage Niki and Marlene started to date after their first meeting.
  • Tanner Working As Employed in Airline Company. It suffered from a variety of troubles that forced Lauda to retire the car 9 out of 14 races.
Alphonso Birgit Wetzinger Wiki (Niki Lauda Wife) Age, Net worth, Family, Bio, Height
  • Cyril And after marrying Niki she also became an Austrian national.
  • Elizabeth According to local media, Lauda was still on good terms with Marlene who took turns with Birgit sitting beside his hospital bed in Zurich. Likewise, he also has a son named Christoph Lauda from his extra-marital affair.
Antone Niki Lauda wife: Who is Birgit Wetzinger? Does Niki Lauda have children?
  • Sean This shows the true love of Birjit for her husband.
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  • Shawn Birgit and Niki named the twins Mia Lauda and Max Lauda.
  • Mitch He also looked set to win the most races in a season, a record held by the late since. Their details used to splash in magazines.
Aubrey Niki Lauda Wives: Who Are Birgit Wetzinger & Marlene Knaus?
  • Arnold Although Lauda was conscious and able to stand immediately after the accident, he later lapsed into a coma.
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  • Waldo In 2005 the Austrian post office issued a stamp honouring him. However, that was not successful and he had to transplant again.
  • Alejandro She maintains her profile has the wife of Niki Lauda. Lifesaver: Niki Lauda married the woman who donated her kidney to save his life The three-time F1 champion refused to give out details about the ceremony except to confirm that it 'lasted four minutes'.
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  • Clinton Lauda won five races, while Prost won seven. Before this, Niki was married to with whom he has two children named Mathias and Lukas.
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  • Christina He then recalled the moment Birgit demanded that she took the same test. There is no available information about her date of birth to know her current age.
  • Dallas For me it was more difficult than the operation. Whеn еvеrуоnе iѕ happy ѕhе iѕ happy.
Lyman Niki Lauda Wives: Who Are Birgit Wetzinger & Marlene Knaus?
  • Otis In September 2012 he was appointed of the.
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  • Pat Nikia and Bergit spent a very happy and blessed married life together. Later, on February 17, 2014, Nikki and Brigit appeared together on the Red Carpet.
  • Carter International stars included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone.
Dewayne Niki Lauda Wives: Who Are Birgit Wetzinger & Marlene Knaus?
  • Romeo His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur are and will remain unforgettable, his tireless zest for action, his straightforwardness and his courage remain.