Hans hartung. Hans Hartung

Jesus Hans Hartung, Pioneer of Abstraction
  • Howard Images expand and contracting a single, perceived time frame; they breathe biologically, rhythmically, synchronically with our organic pleasure in viewing them.
  • Jerald If his line is neither an outline enclosing the colored space, nor an actor dancing in front of a background foreign to his motions; if that space is not superimposed upon the background; if the background itself is not an indifferent witness of the play performed by lines and colors on the stage; if the whole work on the contrary is a living body whose flesh bears slashes inflicted by sharp pen-strokes and hues imparted to it by the internal flow of its own blood; the reason for all this is that the unity of this organism is created by light, which is at one and the same time bathing it from the outside, and beamed upon by its glance, thus establishing in a twofold manner the characteristic individuality of the picture. When Hartung returned to the studio after his stroke, in March 1987, his options for painting were, of course, limited.
Lenny Hans Hartung, Pioneer of Abstraction
  • Harley The painter submerges into the salt water of the swimming pool.
Cyril Hans Hartung, Pioneer of Abstraction
  • Marcus They yield themselves, fantastically, to the image itself.
  • Kim Painting is born out of its history which means out of the sentiments of individual artists who managed to mobilize their inner forces delicately enough to create paintings. Lefebre, New York City; and Mrs.
Angelo Hans HARTUNG
  • Byron His work is held in many prominent collections worldwide, including the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France; the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.
  • Issac The dominion of paintings is inhabited, enduringly, by constellations of internalized data, and this means that in any discourse on art, the particular will erupt in all its discontinuity.
Louis Hans Hartung Biography
  • Refugio It surface is scattered with precisely twenty-nine balloons of various sizes and colors. The artist, however, works with accurate traits that often takes to the canvas the image already produced, to a lesser extent, in his drawings.
Parker Hans Hartung, l'exposition fabuleuse du Musée d'art Moderne de Paris
  • Glenn Before a work exists, it is as if neither time nor space exist; it is as if the artist was moving in an absolute void — a non-dimension. Further reading Hartung, exhibition catalogue, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya 1998.
Joesph ‘T1982
  • Otto This piece of fabric was stretched around an expandable softwood stretcher with a second piece of unprimed linen fabric a 'loose lining' and both piece of fabric were attached together along the edges with copper tacks.
  • Jarred Vidéo exposition YouTube - 5 minutes, 7 seconds - Go to channel - Arts in the City - 9.
Noah The art of Hans Hartung
  • Warren Artists are always assisted by expertise — and that expertise arises from both an inclination and a knowledge of the history of art.
  • Jayson Shot in the Paris atelier, the painter reaches his hands over his head and makes decisive powerful downward strokes onto a painting support.
Devon Hans Hartung, Pioneer of Abstraction
  • Napoleon With their splashes and seemingly random lines, other images could be read as both manifestations of energised paint and images of inchoate matter within the natural world. The act of creation begins even before the artist picks up his brush, with the primary field of the waiting white canvas.
  • Brent But the lines themselves are independent formal entities with a dynamic expressiveness of their own.