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  • Elton Gift Cards cannot be used in the purchase of another Gift Card. The winners will be notified via direct message to their social media account shortly following the closing times and dates specified in condition 6 above.
  • Lazaro For significant changes to this Notice we will try to give you reasonable notice unless we are prevented from doing so.
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  • Adolph We exist to create the tools that help people unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action.
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  • Raphael We may analyse your browsing and purchasing activity online and your responses to marketing communications. These transfers are subject to special rules under data protection laws.
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  • Mark The results of this analysis, together with other demographic data, allow us to decide what marketing communications are suitable for you and to ensure that we contact you with information on products, services, events and offers that are tailored and relevant to you. When we change this Notice in a material way, we will update the version date at the bottom of this Notice.
  • Daren We are a family of like-minded individuals working to bring our respective visions to life.
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  • Grady Entrants must also reside within countries eligible to receive deliveries from us — if you reside within a country in which we cannot deliver, you are ineligible to participate in the competitions. However, some have no conditions attached, so your right to withdraw consent or object to processing for direct marketing are absolute rights.
  • Wayne This will not stop service messages such as order updates and other non-marketing communications. So everything about the gym clothes and accessories we design for you has your progress and the best results in mind.
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  • Martin. We may need to request specific information from you to help us confirm your identity and ensure your right to access the information or to exercise any of your other rights.
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  • Norman It is important to ensure that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date, and you should let us know if anything changes, for example if you move position or work for a different organisation or change your phone number or email address. This means that we are in the process of updating the tool which, by default, requires explicit opt in action by users of our Website.
  • Pedro Any orders found to be made under fraudulent pretenses will be followed up with an investigation. Wir möchten, dass du die bequemsten Hoodies, die unterstützendsten nahtlosen Leggings und die innovativsten Trainingsshirts besitzt, die für alle Bewegungen gemacht wurden.
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  • Berry You may document your journey as you please, for example, through workout videos or progress pictures.
  • Gail For example, we may exclude someone from resends of marketing emails when we know that person has already opened the original email sent.
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  • Marshall We will also send the surname and county of prize winners to anyone who emails a request to within 1 month after the closing date of the relevant competition as specified in condition 1. We aim to get all orders out on the same day; however, due to volumes this is not always possible.
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  • Romeo Progression Our products exist at the intersect of engineering and art. We must either publish or make available information that indicates that a valid award took place.
  • Jonas Your pledge and posts must stay live on your chosen social media account for the duration of the Gymshark66 competition.