Interdisciplinary Learning

Saghalie students are combining their learning from each of their subject areas.  This is demonstrated from the previous postings. Project Based Learning continues to help us identify our STEM identity.  For example, 7th graders will be participating in a forestry project to make connections to their environment to build a stronger understanding of the ecosystem as it relates to healthy forest and the Puget Sound.  This is connected to previous work that students have already completed.  The 8th graders recently participated in the Cefpi (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) school of the future design competition where they integrated green energy, green engineering and focused on limiting their carbon footprint.  They combined all aspects of STEM to create and design a school of the future.  The outcome of the 8th grade students’ work was demonstrated by a team of students presenting their projects at a regional competition and placing 3rd in the event.

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