some issues

So I got really sick this week and had to write sub plans. It is really hard to write sub plans when you don’t know how much your sub knows about technology, and when so much of the day is spent using the iPads. Even making sure the sub knows that they need to be charged every night and accounted for at the end of the day. Things that need to be addressed if these become a part of every classroom – maybe it would be easier if evey class at school had a class set. It would just be part of the day then. Luckily there are many people who have volunteered to make sure they are being charged every night.

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  1. We know where you are coming from here at TEC. One strategy that has worked well in my classroom is preparing my classes to take charge for the substitute teacher. Giving students clear directions and expectations allows them to take charge of the sub day, while the sub can then sit back and watch student learning in action. (I always put the substitute in charge of asking the students higher level questions and explaining their learning. It is a better use of substitute time than managing students.) Although I must admit, there is no way my strategy would work without the most amazing students in the world. ;)

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