Facing the Talent Gap Head On – 1/9 STEM Breakfast with Brad Smith

As a nation, we face a paradox: an unemployment crisis while many companies cannot fill the jobs they’re creating. Microsoft sees these problems firsthand—with more than 6,000 open jobs in the U.S.


Brad Smith, Executive Vice President & General Counsel at Microsoft Corporation, gave an inpsiring keynote on America’s talent deficit to kick off the 2013 STEM Breakfast Series, sponsored by Wimmer Solutions.


Brad highlighted startling statistics including a growing talent gap in computer science to a crowd of more than forty industry and education leaders. He presented a four-point plan to better prepare students for the opportunities and demands of tomorrow, including engaging industry and government in addressing this STEM workforce crisis. The bottom line? We can’t build the economy of the future with the jobs of the past. Brad called on industry and education leaders to ensure education today aligns with future workforce demands. He also offered a challenge to put computer science classes in every high school by 2020. To learn more about Brad’s top three recommendations for improving STEM education in Washington, read his article from Microsoft on the Issues here.




These ideas and more are outlined in Microsoft’s National Talent Strategy white paper. Supporting a two-pronged approach, it focuses on long-term education initiatives in STEM coupled with immigration reform to generate new funding for national STEM education strategies.


To learn more about Microsoft’s creative solutions to strengthen our STEM pipeline, check out its National Talent Strategy white paper on our Resource Hub.


Powered by Wimmer Solution, STEM Breakfasts spotlight pioneering business leaders and education innovators as they explore disruptive ideas in education today. To learn more about this event series, please visit our STEM Breakfasts page.

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